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We envision a future where bias problems are solved through seamless human-machine interaction. Our mission is to lead in developing fair, inclusive, and transparent AI solutions, augmenting interdisciplinary expertise with powerful algorithms. Together, we bridge the gap between human values and technology, creating a world where AI serves everyone ethically. Join us as we shape a future where AI becomes a force for positive change, bridging the gap between human values and technological advancements.
Future-Proof Strategy

Risk Management

  • Define your company values
  • Evaluate the ethical context of your product
  • Operationalize ethics to build inclusive teams and products
  • Adapt seamless workflows to manage system and alerts
  • Resolve interdisciplinary bias problems with our ethics facilitation system
  • Manage multi-stakeholder feedback loops with distributed voting
  • Stay Agile and iterate responsibly
  • Present your AI governance policies and track record
  • Build transparency and trust with stakeholders
SySTEMIC DEsigN Solution

AI bias: Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Rather than treating AI bias as a standalone issue, systemic design encourages integrated and comprehensive solutions that touch on various stages of AI development. To effectively manage AI bias, it's crucial to recognize and acknowledge that bias can arise from various interconnected elements of the AI system. Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams helps in identifying and addressing biases from different perspectives, allowing for a more robust understanding of the problem.


The Future of AI

Stakeholder Co-creation: An Exceptional Service Delivery for Solving AI bias
February 16, 2023

AI bias and technological exclusion go hand-in-hand. Our stakeholder facilitation process utilizes conflict resolution to handle challenges around AI bias and technological exclusion, leading to productive conversations and mutually beneficial solutions.

Tackling Bias in Technology: The Importance of Collaboration and Inclusivity
February 16, 2023

Bias is a complex problem that cannot be solved by a single solution. Addressing bias in technology is a complex and ongoing process that requires collaboration from multiple stakeholders. AI bias stems from deep-rooted social inequalities in society and requires a collaborative effort from diverse stakeholders to address effectively.

The European AI Act: Building Trustworthy AI System through Ethic-Based Auditing
February 16, 2023

The incoming AI Act (AIA) creates new standards for AI regulation in the EU, aiming to guarantee ethical and legal use. It sets governance frameworks, ethical considerations, and standards for companies to ensure trustworthy AI systems.